Fire Safety Sign Surveys

In any type of workplace, fire safety signs are vital.

It is the law that, as part of your fire safety policy you must, not only have enough fire exits or routes for everyone to vacate your premises as quickly, and safely, as possible, but that you have the correct fire safety signs for escape or fire safety equipment.

In small businesses, it may be clear about what to do or where to go in the event of a fire, but if your employees panic and are not directed by fire safety signs, it could result in the destruction of your premises, people being hurt or lives lost.

Regulations, under the Health and Safety (Safety Signs and Signals) Regulations 1996, require all employers to “ensure that safety signs are provided (or are in place) and maintained in circumstances where risks to health and safety have not been avoided by other means, e.g. engineering controls or safe systems of work.”

Signs must be clear and legible, and should be used to identify the appropriate actions required.

Fire safety signs fall into three main categories for fire equipment, fire exits and fire action.


  • These signs prohibit actions that are harmful to safety i.e. “No Smoking”



  • These signs give warning of potential risks i.e. flammable liquid or corrosive material.



  • These signs require actions or activities that will promote safety i.e.“Fire door, keep shut” or “In the event of a fire, do not use lift”.



  • These signs indicate fire exit routes or fire escapes in the event of a fire or emergency or the location of first aid equipment.



  • These signs are used to indicate the location or position of fire equipment such as fire extinguishers or fire blankets.


All fire safety signs need to be securely placed in the correct positions. The number that are required depends on the size of your premises.

Signs need to be well lit and large enough to be seen from far away and have clear instructions.

Mr Fire Safety will do a complete sign survey of your premises and produce a report recommending what fire safety signs you require and where they should be located. We can also supply and fit what you need to be legally compliant.

So, to help you make your business safer call Mr Fire Safety on 01743 510 236