Fire Safety Testing Regimes

The importance of fire safety testing can never be undervalued in ensuring the safety of your employees and premises. The period between testing and visits to undertake inspection and service should be based upon your fire risk assessment, however, the maximum limit for a complete system test should not exceed six months.

Basically, according to the law, you should ensure that at all times:

  • All fire alarm systems are working
  • All emergency lighting is working
  • You have recorded any faults in systems and equipment
  • All escape routes are clear and the floor is in good condition
  • All fire escapes can be opened easily
  • All automatic fire doors close correctly
  • All fire exit signs are in the right place

Mr Fire Safety can assist with regular and intermittent fire safety testing to confirm that your fire safety system remains in full working order, should a fire occur. Our testing regimes are tailored to your exact requirements, saving you time, allowing you to concentrate on your core business.

We will also answer any questions you have, to ensure your systems fully comply to British Standards.

Weekly testing regime

  • Fire alarm system, during working hours, to check that the control panel and fire alarm operate satisfactorily.
  • Voice alarm systems, in accordance with BS5839 Part 8. If the system is connected to an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) for calling the fire brigade, it is very important that the ARC is notified before testing commences and also when it is complete.
  • Exit routes are clear.
  • All emergency devices on exit routes are working.

Monthly testing regime

  • Any automatically started generator used for the fire detection and fire alarm system should be tested.
  • Emergency lighting.
  • Check continued suitability of signs and notices.

Three monthly

  • Evacuation drills to test that your staff can put your evacuation plan into effect.

Six monthly testing regime

  • Battery check for the fire detection and alarm system.

12 monthly testing regime

  • Full test of emergency light system including 3-hour battery discharge tests.
  • Annual fire detection and alarm system by a competent engineer, including smoke testing.
  • Portable appliance testing.

Five yearly test

  • Certification of the main electrical system for your building.

So, to help you make your business safer call Mr Fire Safety on 01743 510 236